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Our company is engaged in development and production of equipment replicas for training devices. Except of replicas the cockpit contains a large quantity of other electronic equipment necessary for training device operation.
 Production and development consist of several stages:

  1. Requirements specification development
  2. PC boards design, selection of necessary components
  3. Soldering and assembly
  4. Firmware development and debugging, integration with a training device
  5. Testing

All electronic devices are executed with the use of modern hardware components. All replicas contain safe and fast microcontrollers and adjustable LED illumination.
Embedded AVR and ARM microcontrollers from the Atmel, TI and NXP companies provide quick start, reliable operation and low power consumption. These controllers have embedded programs memory and RAM, powerful outputs and require a minimum of additional electronic components for training device operation.

The replicas are gated by means of FSDI modules which are connected to computer. Reliable and fast communication is provided by means of the CAN Bus and Ethernet IEEE 802.3x protocols. The CAN Bus protocol (ISO 11898) proved itself as a high-reliable protocol used in automobile and aircraft industry. Reliability of message passing is achieved by the protocol itself (to be more precise, by the protocol, CAN bus controller and transceivers). The protocol allows to transfer safely via twisted pair at a speed of 500 kb/sec at some tens of meters, providing input transmission from control units into software in real time.

We can provide the detailed description of the protocol to our partners, if they wish to use their own software for data input processing. For display and indication, the software transmits necessary information to FSDI module, which transfers information to a specific replica. Brightness of illumination is regulated in a similar way.

Firmware development is automated to the utmost in order to minimize all possible errors.
It stands to mention particularly the CDU replicas which unlike the most part of other manufacturers’ replicas have only Ethernet and supply inputs. Absence of VGA video input or DVI allows to simplify a configuration of controlling computers and to simplify the software.