UTC 02:19:36

In the process of instructor station development we consult serving instructors and take into account all wishes regarding functionality and operability. Instructor station has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. All functions are grouped in different pages of the station.

The station allows:

  • to control and change aircraft position. It is possible to set the aircraft in runway, approaches, airport parking areas and instantly change height, speed or course;
  • to change time and date instantly;
  • to supervise and change weather conditions: three different cloud layers, three winds, temperature, pressure, runway friction coefficient, horizontal and vertical visibility;
  • to supervise and change aircraft fuel loading, payload, center-of-gravity;
  • to switch on/off systems, engines quickly (instantly, bypassing standard procedures);
  • to activate and deactivate different systems failures;
  • to activate and deactivate different near miss scenarios;
  • to save and load different situations;
  • to activate display of different auxiliary materials in additional screens;
  • to run built-in tests of a training device including QTG.

    The station is rather flexible in setup of protocols and can be connected to any training device.

    The station has a complete documentation kit including a User Guide.