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The FSDI module serves for connection of equipment replicas to the software. The basic functions of FSDI are:

Reliable and fast communication is reached by means of CANBus and EthernetIEEE 802.3x protocols. CANBus (ISO 11898) Protocol has proved itself as a highly reliable protocol used in motor industry and aircraft engineering. The guarantee of reliable message transfer is provided with the protocol itself (to be more precise, with the protocol, CAN tire controller and transceivers). The protocol is able to transfer the information reliably by twisted pair at a speed of 500 kbit/sec at several dozens of meters, providing input transfer from controls to the software on-line. The data received via CAN line is then routed in FSDI unit and transferred via Ethernet local network at connection speed of 10 or 100 megabit/sec. Connection via local network allows to connect replicas to any PCs with any operating systems. We can give the detailed description of FSDI protocol to our partners if they would like to use their own software for the data input processing.

FSDI version with a mathematical model allows to combine in one case input and output of the equipment with a mathematical model.
FSDI units are produced by means of modern reliable electronic components and possess galvanic isolation, what reduces possible equipment failures to a minimum. Weaving and software are constantly updated, increasing productivity and functionality.
Uniqueness of FSDI units is provided due to convenience of communication (the minimum quantity of wires, the data and power are transferred via one cable), reliable, open and fast communication protocols.