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At the present moment in our country there are many flight simulators with out of date systems of visualization. The window collimators installed in many cases are very inconvenient and little informative for pilots. Our company offers the replacement of outdated systems with wide collimation or projection wide-angle systems.


 AtmoSphere System  

The system is a wide-angle optical-collimation system with a radius of 3 meters (10 feet). The system designed for use in simulators requiring wide angles for displaying outside situation. Due to the system, an observer receives a high quality image with the effect of infinity and remoteness of objects. The system can supplied in front and back projection versions.

The system consists of the following elements: 


  • Collimating mirror
  • Supporting structures
  • Roof
  • Projectors mounting sites
  • Upper projection screen
  • Vacuum pump
  • Mirror control system "MCSys"


The mirror made with a continuous field of view of 210 ° in the horizontal, 45 ° in the vertical plane and a sphere radius of 3 meters. The reflective element takes a spherical shape using a partial vacuum created in the chamber. This technology allows obtaining a seamless mirror with a small mass. The reflecting element mounted on the mounting profiles located at the edges of the partial vacuum chamber and fixed with the fixation profile. The partial vacuum chamber combined with the housing of the optical-collimation system and is an integral part. The body of the partial vacuum chamber is made of modern materials, with the use of plastic, reinforced with fiberglass and steel elements. The outer surface made with a fine finish. The system is also equipped with a valve (MCV), providing the necessary level of partial vacuum and a system for monitoring the state of the mirror (MCSys). The system installed on supports with the ability to adjust the height of the system. 

The mirror control system (MCSys) consists of the following elements


  • Mirror Control Valve (MCV)
  • Mirror control Sensor (MCS)
  • Mirror control computer (MCC)


The valve of the mirror control system (MCV) has a valve with servo drives, two position sensors and a reverse valve with filter.

The mirror control sensor (MCS) sensor is located in the center of the partial vacuum chamber, it monitors the position of the reflecting element. The non-contact monitoring sensor supplemented with an emergency contact sensor. If emergency contact sensor triggered, a generated signal to stop the vacuum pump and the system