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At the present moment in our country there are many flight simulators with out of date systems of visualisation. The window collimators installed in many cases  are very inconvenient and little informative for pilots. There are no companies left offering development of airfields sceneries for the systems of visualisation used in Russian simulators. That is why our company offers replacement of various out-of-date systems for the projection ones. Such systems are easier in maintainance and allow to make any visual field up to 360 degrees whшср is even more than it is required by ICAO 9625 for FFS simulators of the levels I, II (levels C, D according to JAR-STD-1A/H). And what is more important, each crew member perceives the image in any direction correctly. The systems  allow to simulate almost any weather conditions, the bottom edge of the clouded sky can range from 10 metres, forward visibility from 50 metres to 60 kilometres.  The system allows to simulate deposits from slight rain to heavy snow shower, almost all kinds of clouded sky from plumeous clouds to overcast with ragged bottom edge, some various layers, fumulus, fog etc. All constructions of airfields can look real depending on the scenery detail; taxiways, aprons and strips have familiar sight and marking. Lighting facilities are also simulated. There is a possibility to create power lines, roads, towns, rivers, lakes, forest areas and almost any landmarks. It is also possible to create terrain of mountain airfields, to display air and ground traffic of airfields. It is possible even to simulate flights of birds on a strip and approaches to the airfield.