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Our company offers ATC tables both for one and for two working seats. Such tables are optimal for use in ATC Centres. They are very ergonomic and allow to work by them twenty-four-hour. The design allows to serve the tables equipment without interfering in air traffic controllers’ work.
The tables are equipped with monitors with sensor control on a table-top for more convenient work, and 26 inches monitors for display of the basic information. The speaker system which can be connected to headset and desk lamps can be installed in the tables. In a two working seats variant the panel with transparent pockets for documentation placement can be set above. It has overall illumination which allows to view the information placed in it comfortably. At customer’s wish the tables can be completed with "Navigator" software.
The tables are made of metal frame with elements of laminated clipboard which allows to build up and dismantle them easily, or to remove and add elements which absence doesn't influence table stiffness. They can also be improved with any equipment used in ATC centres.