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FSPTVS Charlie is a  procedural training device equipped with simple system of visualisation and ready for FNPT level II certification according to JAR-STD-3A.

Procedural Charlie series training devices, unlike Bravo series, have almost full kit of plane equipment simulators. They include all controls: yoke/sidestick, rudder pedals, CPU/Throttle. All control panels are full scale and give tactile sensations similar to those of the real ones. Full kit of equipment simulators allows to get used to controls arrangement and do not then search them in the  cockpit or FFS.

These training devices are powerful and effective instrument of training and acquaintance with the equipment which gives pilot the opportunity to study systems in practice, to familiarise and get used to an arrangement of flight controls and response to plane deflection. The pilot can workout a variety of procedures both in regular and emergency situations according to FCOM at any flight stage from taxing to landing. It allows to reduce time of training on FFS up to 30%. And tactile sensations help to get used to cockpit conditions much faster. The training device has real navigation bases (with the possibility of their upgrade) that allows to exercise actual routes. Visualisation system makes it possible to study navigation and visual conditions at flights to airfields with difficult approach and to airfields in mountain area in advance. It also allows  to simulate any airfield of the world to less or more  extent of detail.

The training device is equipped with the instructor's station which can be located in one of the additional monitors. With the new functions of the instructor station such as "Situations" you can program virtual instructor or create tasks and lessons yourself. This allows to increase efficiency and standardize training. 

Charlie series is:
•    Small sizes ( W х L х H   2,3 х 2 х 2,3 m)
•    Power by regular electric network,  low electric power consumption
•    All controls are full scale
•    Correct arrangement of controls
•    Сorrect controls force
•    Tactile sensations at work with the plane systems
•    Possibility of work with 2 MCDUs
•    Regular and emergency situations exercise
•    Crew interaction exercise
•    Instructor station
•    Possibility of performing flights to all really existing airfields
•    Simple and quick installation and transportation

It is possible to manufacture the following training devices: A320, A330, B737NG, B767, B747.

At the present moment FS PTVS Charlie is much cheaper than training devices of this level offered by other manufacturers.